From the Sidelines

Talk of the Town

2022 G Jasiah Taylor - Strawberry Crest

Jasiah is a true scorer in every sense of the word, with a deep trigger. He can get things going in an absolute hurry. He lets the ball fly from the perimeter with no consciousness from absolutely anywhere on the floor. It only takes a little bit of space off the bounce, coming off screens or off the catch; it doesn't matter this kid can flat out shoot the basketball. Jasiah plays downhill out of the pick & roll and in transition, attacking the basket fearlessly with the heart of a guy twice his size. He has a killer instinct on the floor, the type of attack mentality you cannot teach. The best part is his ability to be critical of himself, striving to get the best out of himself every time he steps on the floor. He is a natural leader, outspoken, and an extension of the coach on the floor. He's grown so much this season, from becoming a more consistent scorer to adjusting his game to make things easier for his teammates and creating opportunities for himself. He's a rare type of kid; look out for the impact he makes during the second half of the season.

Talk of the Town

2024 W Karter Knox - Tampa Catholic

Karter Knox is the real deal, simple and plain. The best way to define this kid is that he is an absolute stud. A 6'5" Wing, this freshman is on track to be one of the best players to come through the bay area. Offensively there are very few holes in his game, an athlete with great size and build to him and able to score at all three levels. Karter checks the boxes across the board, able to shoot the ball from the three-point line at a high clip. He's a pure shooter of the basketball with good form and solid footwork, knocking down perimeter shots off the catch or on the move. With a strong and solid body frame, he can take bumps and contact to finish at the rim and has no problems punching it above the rim as well. He rebounds well for his size and can defend multiple positions when he decides to sit down in a stance. To be just a freshman, Karter has unlimited potential in his game; as he matures and continues to grow, there is no telling where he will end up. One thing that is for sure about Karter is that he is not someone you want to miss out on the chance to see; he is showtime every time he steps on the court.

Talk of the Town

2022 G Javohn Thomas - Sickles High

Javohn Thomas has been big-time here early in the season for Sickles the 6'3" lefty guard is a matchup nightmare that does a lot of different things from a lot of different places. Coming off a Sophmore campaign where he averaged 11PPG 4RPG and 4APG, he has been thrust into an even more prominent role leading following the pair of big-time departures from the Sickles frontcourt. Javohn gets it done on both ends of the floor. He is an absolute pest on the defensive end of the floor; strong and physical as a defender, he takes on the challenge of guarding multiple positions. As the tallest player in the Sickles rotation, he's finding himself having to defend out of position and matchup against plenty of guys who are bigger than him. His craftiness and high basketball IQ allow him to use his athleticism to his advantage in these scenarios. Javohn will be featured in this sickles offense night in and night out, no matter what a defense throws at them. With his jack of all trades skillset, he will be able to impact the game differently with every matchup. From defending the opposition's best player to attacking the rim to setting up teammates, he will give any team problems.